Are You Attempting A 1099 Tax Return For The First Time? Why You Need A Professional

Posted on: 14 October 2016

If you are working a sales position for the first time ever and you aren't sure how you're supposed to claim your taxes, there are some things you want to do to prepare, and calling a professional tax expert is one of them. Preparing your own taxes puts you at the risk of errors, especially when you have more things to worry about because of your job position and the field you work in.

Find a tax professional that has experience with personal taxes and with people who get 1099 forms or commission bonuses. Here is what you want to know.

Reduce Errors

It isn't difficult to make an error when you're preparing your own taxes, even if you are following a guide on the computer or you think you are answering questions as you should be. With a tax preparer, they are liable for the mistakes that are made if they file your taxes incorrectly, and they understand how your taxes are supposed to be filed based on your type of tax return and job.

Claim the Maximum Deductions  

There are many errors and issues you can have when you are claiming deductions on your own. They include the following:

  • Over claiming benefits unlawfully and getting audited
  • Missing claims you qualify for based on tax bracket and job position
  • Not paying into all the city or townships where you live and work

These are just a few common mistakes that people make, and you don't want it to be you. The tax expert can help you get the maximum refund, without getting into any type of legal trouble.

Avoid Security Issues

If you worry that filing out your taxes online or from your home computer can be dangerous or that it can put you at the risk for identity theft, you want to let the experts do it. They have insurance for these types of problems and have a secured system and server to protect your personal information.

Since you have never had to fill out a tax form where you had to add in commission bonuses, track your mileage and receipts for meals, and monitor what you spent for your own marketing and working from home, you don't want to attempt to do your taxes on your own. Instead, you want to get the best return possible and you want to let a professional help.

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