4 Benefits Of Using A Tax Accounting Service With A Mobile App

Posted on: 25 March 2015

Does your accounting firm (such as Herman & Cormany) have a mobile app? It may seem unnecessary for those that have simpler tax forms to fill out, but it can actually make the process of tax preparation much easier. Accounting firms that have mobile apps tend to be more tech-friendly and can offer a variety of extra features for their clients.

1. You Can Send In Your Receipts and Documents Easily

Don't have a scanner? Don't want to mail things in? With a mobile app you can simply snap a picture of your documents and send it directly to your accountant. Not only is this easier but it also improves security; it means that there won't be additional copies of your documents floating around in the mail. Being able to send virtual copies of documents is also an excellent way to save time.

2. You Can Have Your Forms Auto-Populated

Auto-populating a form means that the form is automatically filled in once your data is loaded. Many apps today have optical recognition; you can take a picture of a form and the app can actually read it and place the data into your tax return. This streamlines the process of doing your taxes for both yourself and your accounting professional. 

3. You Can Get Your Tax Return Done Anywhere

Rather than having to stop by an office and discuss your taxes with the accounting firm, you can complete the entire process through your phone -- anywhere. Many people are constantly on the go and can't even find time to sit down at a computer. Getting a mobile app lets you complete your tax return when you're waiting in line or commuting to work.

4. You Can Get Alerts Regarding Your Return

Want to know when your return is accepted... and when your refund is on the way? Having a mobile app lets you get alerts regarding the status of your return on your phone. This includes alerts regarding anything that may come up, such as issues that you need to personally deal with!

Apart from the above, tax preparation services that have mobile apps can often charge less because their process is streamlined -- rather than having to meet with clients they can simply pull the data that the app has sent in. Many companies that do not have mobile apps may still have mobile sites that can be used just like an app, so you may want to inquire. Either way, don't forget to make sure that your phone is properly secured if you're going to be using it to send in tax documents.